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Gluesys Co., LTD : VTS 7200
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Product and Test Information

Tested By Gluesys Co., LTD
Product Name VTS 7200
Hardware Available May 2014
Software Available May 2014
Date Tested May 2014
SFS License Number 3473
Licensee Locations 1

The Gluesys VTS 7200 appliance provides tier based NAS Storage Solution. The Internal Cache disk will be configured with SSD, SAS and SATA. Tier Policy supports "path preserve mode" function that preserves filename and migrated file path, as a result Migration Target System can serve migrated files with read only mode.

Migration Target System Example

  • Legacy NAS System
  • Amazon S3 Compatible Cloud Storage
  • Local Extend Storage

  • Configuration Bill of Materials

    Item No Qty Type Vendor Model/Name Description
    1 1 Storage Appliance Gluesys Co., LTD VTS 7200 Virtual Tier based NAS Appliance running TierCat OS 1.0 software. Maxium 72 Disks can be included.
    2 1 Storage Appliance Gluesys Co., LTD AnyStor 500 Gluesys NAS Storage Device was used for second tier storage. Maxium 24 Disks will be included.

    Server Software

    OS Name and Version TierCat 1.0
    Other Software None
    Filesystem Software TCFSv1

    Server Tuning

    Name Value Description
    atime age 10 hours Files may be migrated to the AnyStor 500 Storage if there is no access up to 10 hours.
    high watermark 90 When 50% of Internal Cache Storage used, Migration will start automatically.
    low watermark 70 When 20% of Internal Cache Storage used, Migration process will stop automatically.
    path preserve mode yes It will preserve Migration Path. So NFS/CIFS Clients can read files directly from AnyStor 500 NAS Storage.

    Server Tuning Notes

    3 sets of 20+2 RAID6 array were created on VTS 7200 Appliance, and 6 hot spares were attached. And the 480GB SSD disk was used for secondary read cache.

    Disks and Filesystems

    Description Number of Disks Usable Size
    VTS 7200 contains 72 3TB 5400K RPM SATA Disks. All Data within aging time resides on these disks. 72 105.5 TB
    VTS 7200 contain 1 250G SATA disk. Used for System OS. 1 250.0 GB
    VTS 7200 contain 1 480G SSD disk. Used for secondary Volume cache. 1 480.0 GB
    AnyStor 500 contains 24 3TB 7200 RPM SATA Disks. The GXFS file system is used to manage these disks and the VTS 7200 can access them via NFSv3. 24 39.1 TB
    AnyStor 500 contain (1) 250G SATA disk. System OS used. 1 250.0 GB
    Total 99 145.5 TB
    Number of Filesystems 1
    Total Exported Capacity 108000 GB
    Filesystem Type TCFS (TierCat Filesystem 1.0)
    Filesystem Creation Options Default setup. Disable Compression and deduplication functions. AnyStor 500 Appliance set up was also default.
    Filesystem Config VTS 7200 (20+2 RAID6 x 3set, 6 Hot Spares). AnyStor 500 (20+2 RAID6, 2 Hot Spares).
    Fileset Size 1406.2 GB

    Network Configuration

    Item No Network Type Number of Ports Used Notes
    1 10G Gigabit Ethernet 1 One 10 Gigabit Ethernet port used for VTS 7200 appliance.
    2 Gigabit Ethernet 1 The AnyStor 500 Appliance is connected via 1 Gigabit Ethernet.

    Network Configuration Notes

    The VTS 7200 Appliance was attached to Load Generator directly with 10G NIC. The VTS 7200 and AnyStor 500 were attached to a CISCO 3560G-TS-S 1G Switch.

    Benchmark Network

    There were two 10 gigabit ethernet network interfaces on storage controller. The interfaces were configured to use jumbo frames (MTU size of 9000 bytes).

    Processing Elements

    Item No Qty Type Description Processing Function
    1 2 CPU Intel(R) Xeon Six-Core 2.20GHz VTS 7200 OS, Network, NFS/CIFS, Filesystem, Device Drivers
    2 1 CPU Intel(R) Xeon Six-Core 2.20GHz AnyStor 500 OS, Network, NFS/CIFS, Filesystem, Device Drivers

    Processing Element Notes

    There is no additional processing ASIC.


    Description Size in GB Number of Instances Total GB Nonvolatile
    VTS 7200 System 1st DRAM Cache 8 2 16 V
    VTS 7200 NVRAM module 1 1 1 NV
    AnyStor 500 System 1st DRAM Cache 8 1 8 V
    AnyStor 500 NVRAM module 0.5 1 0.5 NV
    Grand Total Memory Gigabytes     25.5  

    Memory Notes

    The VTS 7200 node has main memory that is used for the operating system and for caching data and meta-data. Main memory can be extended up to 512GB.

    Stable Storage

    The VTS 7200 has 1GB NVRAM. A user's data and meta data changes log to the NVRAM module. Filesystem modifying NFS operations are not acknowledged until the data has been safely stored in NVRAM. The battery backup for NVRAM ensures that any uncommitted transactions persist for at least 72 hours.

    System Under Test Configuration Notes

    The system under test consists of one VTS 7200 storage appliance housed in three 4U chassises, with 72 2TB SATA disk drives. A dual-port gigabit ethernet host bus adapter was present in a PCI-e expansion slot. A 480G SSD was present in a PCI-e expansion slot and enabled with secondary filesystem cache. The storage disks were configured with 3 sets of RAID6(20+2) and hot spares(6) by TierCat Volume Manager. The system under test was connected to 10 gigabit ethernet (cross link to Load Generator).

    Other System Notes

    Test Environment Bill of Materials

    Item No Qty Vendor Model/Name Description
    1 1 SuperMicro X8DTH-i WorkStation with 16G RAM and Linux Operation System

    Load Generators

    LG Type Name LG1
    BOM Item # 1
    Processor Name Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5606
    Processor Speed 2.13GHz
    Number of Processors (chips) 2
    Number of Cores/Chip 4
    Memory Size 16 GB
    Operating System CentOS6
    Network Type Intel Corporation 82599EB 10-GigE

    Load Generator (LG) Configuration

    Benchmark Parameters

    Network Attached Storage Type NFS V3
    Number of Load Generators 1
    Number of Processes per LG 10
    Biod Max Read Setting 2
    Biod Max Write Setting 2
    Block Size AUTO

    Testbed Configuration

    LG No LG Type Network Target Filesystems Notes
    1..1 LG1 1 /SSD  

    Load Generator Configuration Notes

    One Load Generator (LG1) was connected to VTS 7200 storage appliance directly via 10G Ethernet.

    Uniform Access Rule Compliance

    The LG1 client hosted 10 processes. The assignment of processes to filesystems and network interfaces was done such that they were evenly divided across all filesystems and network paths to the storage controllers. The filesystem data was striped evenly across all disks.

    Other Notes

    The VTS 7200 Stoarge Appliance hardware was designed for Legacy Storage Server. A Linux/Windows OS can be installed.

    Config Diagrams

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