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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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David Reiner
David Reiner
SPEC President

David Reiner, President of the SPEC benchmark consortium, is also a SPEC director and an Open Systems Group (OSG) Steering Committee representative. He is Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD) primary representative to OSG, as well as the SPEC Power and CPU Committees.

Prior SPEC Roles

David first joined SPEC in 2005, has been a member of SPEC's board of directors since 2011 and SPEC's president since 2017. He first was involved in the SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (GWPG), mainly developing SPECapc® benchmarks, and later led AMD's development contributions for SPEC CPU® 2017 and the SERT® suite. David has also served in various other SPEC roles, such as inspector of elections, SPEC photographer and finance committee member.

Industry Role

David leads AMD's Industry Benchmark Consortium, Government Energy Regulation, and International Energy Standards strategy and representation for the Datacenter Solutions Group. He is AMD's primary representative to SPEC, The Green Grid (TGG), ISO/IEC, and worldwide government energy efficiency regulatory agencies (U.S. EPA, China CNIS, EU Commission, Japan METI, India TEC, and Germany UBA). He also interfaces on AMD's behalf with ITIc, USITO (China), Digital Europe, TCO, and JEITA (Japan). David is the chairman of The Green Grid (since 2020), leading the TGG Executive Leadership Council (ELC), the highest body within TGG. He also is the chair of TGG's Server and Storage Energy (SSE) Working Group, whose membership includes some of the world's leading server energy efficiency regulatory experts, and is the primary voice of industry to worldwide governments for server energy efficiency regulations. David is the originator and editor of the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC39 21836:2020 International Standard, which is expected to be the standard methodology for evaluating server energy efficiency for government regulations worldwide. David's previous roles include TGG board of directors, representative to EEMBC benchmark consortium, manager of AMD's Server Performance and Power Optimization (SPPO) team, and a number of performance and power analysis engineering roles for server, workstation, and client products, both at AMD and Dell.