SPEC CPU®2017 Benchmark Description

Benchmark Name


Benchmark Author

Thorsten Fröhlich <thorsten [at] trf.de>

Chris Cason <spec001 [at] povray.org>

Benchmark Program General Category

Computer Visualization / Raytracing

Benchmark Description

POV-Ray is a free and open source ray-tracing application. The CPU 2017 version is based on POV-Ray version 3.7.

Input Description

The benchmark's input consists of:

Output Description

The benchmark renders a 2560 x 2048 pixel image of a chess board, with the pieces placed on the board in the starting position. The rendered scene image is saved as a Targa (.tga) file.

This output image is compared with the reference output image using the SPEC® utility imagevalidate, which calculates a the structural similarity (SSIM) index between corresponding 8x8 groups of pixels in each image. The SSIM index has a range of -1 (maximal difference) to 1 (identical). The benchmark requires that all computed SSIM indices be greater than 0.996 in order for the run to be considered successful.

A log of the execution is also generated, but its contents are not used to validate correction operation of the benchmark.

Programming Language


Threading Model


Known portability issues

  1. SPEC_WINDOWS_ICL: Users of the Intel® Compiler on Windows may get the mathimf.h and direct.h header files included by defining the SPEC_WINDOWS_ICL preprocessor macro.

  2. spec_qsort and ANSI aliasing: The spec_qsort.c routine does not strictly obey the ANSI aliasing rules. See the detailed discussion in the documentation for 505.mcf_r, which is where the problem was reported.

    If you are compiling with the GCC compiler, it is theoretically possible that you might need to add -fno-strict-aliasing to 511.povray_r as well. The Example GCC config files as updated for SPEC CPU 2017 v1.1.5 demonstrate how to do so.

Sources and Licensing

POV-Ray (which became 511.povray_r) was contributed to CPU 2017 by one of the developers, Thorsten Froehlich, under the GNU Affero License v3.

Please see details in the document SPEC CPU®2017 Licenses.


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