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SPECjEnterprise® 2010

The SPECjEnterprise® 2010 benchmark is a full system benchmark which allows performance measurement and characterization of Java EE 5.0 servers and supporting infrastructure such as JVM, Database, CPU, disk and servers.

The workload consists of an end to end web based order processing domain, an RMI and Web Services driven manufacturing domain and a supply chain model utilizing document based Web Services. The application is a collection of Java classes, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages , Enterprise Java Beans, Java Persistence Entities (pojo's) and Message Driven Beans.

The SPECjEnterprise 2010 benchmark price is $2000 for new customers and $500 for qualified non profit organizations and accredited academic institutions. To find out if your organization has an existing license for a SPEC product please contact SPEC at

This is SPEC's third generation of the SPEC organization's J2EE end-to-end industry standard benchmark application. The SPECjEnterprise® 2010 benchmark has been re-designed and developed to cover the Java EE 5.0 specification's significantly expanded and simplified programming model, highlighting the major features used by developers in the industry today. This provides a real world workload driving the Application Server's implementation of the Java EE specification to its maximum potential and allowing maximum stressing of the underlying hardware and software systems.

SPEC has paid particular attention to making this benchmark as easy as possible to install and run. This has been achieved by utlizing simplification features of the Java EE 5.0 platform such as annotations and sensible defaulting and by the use of the opensource Faban facility for developing and running the benchmark driver.

The benchmark's new design spans Java EE 5 including the new EJB 3.0 and WSEE component architecture, Message Driven beans, and features level transactions.

Additional overview information is included in the FAQ


The latest benchmark release is version 1.03 (Apr. 2012), This update includes performance-neutral changes to address known issues. Licensees of previous versions of the benchmark suite may request a free update to 1.03 by contacting the SPEC office.

Starting May 1, 2012, all submissions must be made using version 1.03. Version 1.03 results are comparable to those from earlier versions of the benchmark.


Submitted Results
Text and HTML results for the SPECjEnterprise® 2010 benchmark metrics; includes all results submitted to SPEC from the SPEC member companies and other licensees of the benchmark.


Press Release
Benchmark announcement day press release materials.
Benchmark Documentation
Vendor Specific Configuration Information
Links to vendor sites with specific installation, configuration, and tuning information for the SPECjEnterprise® 2010 benchmark.