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Research Use

The run rules make provisions for research use where the rules for reporting SPECjvm98 metrics may not all be followed. The reporting of any such results is strictly regulated, and in no case may any derivative metrics be defined based on the SPEC benchmarks or tool harness.

Execution Modes

The benchmark tool harness provides for several different execution modes. Some of the non run rule compliant modes may be of interest to those studying particular aspects of Java performance.

cd top_level_directory 
. ./shrc 
java -mx32m SpecApplication

Applet Parameters

A single parameter may be specified to the benchmark suite applet, which specifies an alternate location for the user properties file, instead of the default "props/user" relative to the codebase. Then in that alternate user properties file you can specify additional parameters to control benchmark operation. The property file is specified for example as:

<applet code="SpecApplet.class" width=530 height=375>
<param name=properties

Interactive versus Batch

Normally the benchmarks are run in interactive mode so that you can control their execution throught the graphic user interface. However, for use in automated test environments it may be convenient to run them in batch mode where there is no user interaction. To do this, set spec.initial.interactive to false, either by editing the user properties file or by specifying an alternate user properties file as described above. A compliant run will be performed and the results will be automatically emailed to the address you specify in spec.testx.emailTo.

You may also run batch mode from the command line by using the -b flag.


Programmers' Reference

For research use, you may wish to run your own programs in the SPEC tool harness. The documentation below as well as the provided source code of these benchmarks should help you fit programs into the harness. SPEC cannot provide assistance for this activity.

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