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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPEC Newsletter Article Archives


As a service to our users, SPEC has made available articles that have been published in past issues of the SPEC Newsletter.

These are presented for historical purposes only. In several cases, there have been updates to practices or policies from what is mentioned here. In particular, note that the phone numbers and email addresses mentioned in these articles may no longer be valid. Please check the contact information for the current addresses.

These articles can provide a useful background for SPEC's evolvement and the history of the Open Systems Group. However, check under one or more of the following to find the current practices:


Fourth Quarter '96

Third Quarter '96

  • Not available yet...

Second Quarter '96

First Quarter '96

December '95

September '95

June '95

March '95

December '94

Open Forum

The purpose of "Open Forum" is to provide a forum for SPEC members and newsletter subscribers to discuss issues, controversial or otherwise, related to SPEC's purpose of providing performance evaluation benchmarks and information.

Articles in the "Open Forum" are the opinions of the authors and do not reflect the official position of SPEC, its board of directors, committees, or member companies.

June '95

December '94

Letters From The President

For each issue SPEC's president, Kaivalya Dixit, writes a quick note summarizing the recent accomplishments, and championing the current goals.