SPECsfs97_R1.v2 Result

Auspex Systems, Inc. :NS3010 (RAID0, NetOS 4.2)
SPECsfs97_R1.v2 =20113 Ops/Sec (Overall Response Time = 3.04 msec)


Performance Graph


Server Configuration and Availability
Vendor Auspex Systems, Inc.
Hardware Available August 2001
Software AvailableOctober 2001
Date TestedOctober 2001
SFS License Number29
Licensee LocationsSanta Clara, CA

CPU, Memory and Power
Model Name NS3010 (RAID0, NetOS 4.2)
Processor Pentium III 933 MHz
# of Processors 2
Primary Cache 16 KB I + 16 KB D on-chip
Secondary Cache 256 KB (I+D) on-chip
Other Cache none
UPS none
Other Hardware Host processor (300 MHz Ultra-SPARC-IIi)
Memory Size 3 GB
NVRAM Size 384 MB
NVRAM Description2-week battery-backed shelf-life

Server Software
OS Name and VersionNetOS 4.2
Other Software none
File System Auspex FastFLO
NFS version 2

Server Tuning
Buffer Cache Size dynamic
# NFS Processes 224
Fileset Size 198.2 GB

Network Subsystem
Network Type Gigabit Ethernet
Network Controller Desc. Alteon PCI adapter card model#71-0012
Number Networks 1 (N1)
Number Network Controllers1
Protocol Type UDP

Switch Type Alteon Network ACEswitch 180 (2)
Bridge Type N/A
Hub Type N/A
Other Network Hardware N/A

Disk Subsystem and Filesystems
Number Disk Controllers 4 (1 for Host processor)
Number of Disks 82 (1 for host OS)
Number of Filesystems 27
File System Creation Opsdefault
File System Config 3-member RAID0 filesystems

Disk Controller Ultra Wide SCSI controller
# of Controller Type 3
Number of Disks 81
Disk Type 36GB Quantum (TY36J2W1-01-V-E)
File Systems on Disks F1, F2, ... F27
Special Config Notes none

Disk Controller Symbios SCSI Controller (Host processor)
# of Controller Type 1
Number of Disks 1
Disk Type 36GB Quantum (TY36J2W1-01-V-E)
File Systems on Disks Host OS
Special Config Notes none

Load Generator (LG) Configuration
Number of Load Generators 9
Number of Processes per LG27
Biod Max Read Setting 2
Biod Max Write Setting 2

LG Type LG1
LG Model Sun Microsystems Ultra 10
Number and Type Processors1 x 333 MHz UltraSPARC-IIi
Memory Size 256 MB
Operating System Solaris 2.6
Compiler used SPEC-supplied precompiled binaries
Compiler Options N/A
Network Type Sun Vector Gigabit Ethernet PCI

Testbed Configuration
LG #LG TypeNetworkTarget File SystemsNotes
1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9LG1N1F1, F2 ..... F27N/A

Other Notes

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