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SPEC SIP_Infrastructure 2011

The SPEC SIP_Infrastructure 2011 benchmark is designed to evaluate a system's ability to act as a SIP server supporting a particular SIP application. The application modeled is a VoIP deployment for an enterprise, telco, or service provider, where the SIP server performs proxying and registration.

The SPEC SIP_Infrastructure 2011 benchmark is available for purchase via the SPEC order form.

The suite's main features include:

  • The SUT is the SIP server software and underlying hardware.
  • Core SIP operations are exercised (e.g., packet parsing, user lookup, message routing, stateful proxying, registration).
  • Generated traffic is based on best available estimates of user behavior.
  • Configurations match requirements of SIP application providers (e.g., to require authentication).
  • Logging for accounting and management purposes is required.
  • The standards defined by core IETF SIP RFCs (e.g., RFC 3261) are obeyed.
  • Assumptions are made explicit so as to allow modifying the benchmark for custom client engagements (but not for publishing numbers)

The SPEC SIP_Infrastructure 2011 benchmark explicitly defines a standard workload, which consists of standard SIP scenarios (what SIP call flows happen) and the frequency with which they happen (the traffic profile). Different environments (e.g., ISP, Telco, University, Enterprise) clearly have different behaviors and different frequenciesof events. The benchmark is designed to be configurable so as to allow easy modification of the benchmark for use in customer engagements so that the traffic profile and resulting generated workload can be adapted to more closely match a particular customer's environment. Towards this end, traffic profile variables are made explicit to allow customization. However, public disclosure of results requires that the standard traffic profile must be used.


Submitted Results
Includes all of the results submitted to SPEC from the SPEC member companies and other licensees of the benchmark.


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Benchmark Documentation
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