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SPECapcSM for Siemens NX 9.0 and NX 10.0 benchmark

SPECapc for Siemens NX 9/10 is a collaborative effort between Siemens and SPECapc. It runs on the Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

The SPECapc for NX 9/10 benchmark, introduced on July 6, 2016, can be run with Siemens NX 9.0 or NX 10.0, although results from the two different application versions are not comparable. Users need an NX 9.0 or NX 10.0 license that includes the NX Shape Studio or equivalent bundle for Advanced Studio rendering.

Seven models representing common use cases are included in SPECapc for NX 9/10. The benchmark executes graphics tests that include rotation, pan, zoom and clipping for each model. CPU tests within the benchmark measure performance for field of view (FOV) and feature regeneration operations. Anti-aliasing can be enabled or disabled to allow users to assess performance differences between the two modes.


SPECapc for SolidWorks 2015 is available for immediate download. It is free for everyone but sellers of computers and related products, who are required to pay a $2,500 vendor license.

Running the benchmark

The benchmark produces composite GPU and CPU scores, as well as sub-scores for each of the display modes tested during a run. Display modes include shaded, shaded with edges, wireframe, wireframe with hidden edges, and wireframe with dim edges, as well as the application-specific Advanced Studio, True Studio and Face Analysis modes. Scoring is weighted based on how NX 9.0 and NX 10.0 users exercise functionality in their day-to-day work.

SPECapc run rules

SPECapc for Siemens NX 10 results

SPECapc for Siemens NX 9 results