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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Joining the SPEC High Performance Group

Who Can Join?

Any company or organization interested in the technical development of HPG's benchmarks is welcome to join, provided they pay the membership fees and are willing to abide by SPEC's bylaws , HPG's Policies & Procedures, the Fair Use Rules and the Guidelines for Handling SPEC Information.

To learn more about the different projects that HPG is working on, please go to

What are the Benefits of Membership?

Members are entitled to

  • Have access to all released SPEC/HPG benchmarks and works in progress.
  • Publish benchmark results on SPEC's web site.
  • Access to SPEC's intranet site.
  • Participate in all SPEC/HPG meetings.
  • Vote on HPG proposals.

What are the Membership Fees?

Initiation Fee Annual Dues
HPG Membership $1,000 $8,950 PDF document Application 
HPG Associate * $1,000   $800 PDF document Application 

* Nonprofit organizations or educational institutions may qualify as SPEC Associates.

Who do I contact?

If you would like to join SPEC, please complete the appropriate membership application form and fax it to 1-703-579-8463, attention: Membership, or email to The application will be submitted for board approval, which takes approximately 14 days. When the approval process is completed, you will be notified of your application's status and the next steps.

Options for dues payment are by check in U.S. Dollars, by credit card, or by bank transfer.

For more information please contact SPEC Headquarters at