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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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High Performance Group

The SPEC High-Performance Group (HPG) develops benchmarks that:

  • represent large, real applications, in scientific and technical computing,
  • use industry standard parallel application programming interfaces (APIs), OpenMP and MPI
  • support shared-memory and message passing programming paradigms,
  • can evaluate shared-memory computers, distributed-memory computers and workstation clusters as well as traditional massively parallel processor computers,
  • come in several data sets sizes (from a few minutes to days of execution time),
  • allow for certain hand optimizations of the codes (as opposed to compiler-only optimizations)

HPG Benchmark Suites

As of March 1, 2018, SPEC offers HPG benchmarks free of charge to qualified non-profit organizations worldwide. Qualified organizations can request a license and software download.

SPEC ACCEL® 2023 Benchmark Suite

The SPEC ACCEL® 2023 benchmark suite tests performance with computationally intensive parallel applications running under the OpenACC and OpenMP target offloading APIs. The suite exercises the performance of the accelerator, host CPU, memory transfer between host and accelerator, support libraries and drivers, and compilers.

SPEC ACCEL® Benchmark Suite

The SPEC ACCEL® benchmark suite focuses on the performance of highly parallel compute intensive applications using hardware acceleration using the OpenCL, OpenACC, and OpenMP standards.

SPEChpc 2021 Benchmark Suites

The SPEChpc 2021 benchmark suites include a group of full and mini-applications covering a wide range of scientific domains and Fortran/C/C++ programming languages across multiple programming models, including MPI, MPI+OpenACC, MPI+OpenMP, and MPI+OpenMP with target offload. The suites include multiple workload sizes allowing for strong scaling across a single node to several hundreds of nodes.

SPEC MPI® Benchmark Suites
- SPEC MPI® M2007 and SPEC MPI® L2007

The SPEC MPI® 2007 benchmark suite measures performance of compute intensive applications using the Message-Passing Interface (MPI) across a wide range of cluster and SMP hardware.

Beginning with SPEC MPI v2.0, both the MPIM2007 and MPIL2007 benchmark suites are included in a single package.

SPEC OMP® 2012 Benchmark Suite

The SPEC OMP® 2012 benchmark suite is the successor to the SPEC OMP® 2001 benchmark suite and is designed for measuring performance using applications based on the OpenMP 3.1 standard for shared-memory parallel processing. The benchmark also includes an optional metric for measuring energy consumption.

Use of HPG Benchmark Results

For any organization (or individual) who chooses to make public comparisons using SPEC benchmark results, please be sure to read and follow the Fair Use Policy. If you wish to make academic or research use of benchmark results, please review the recommendations in the document, "Guidelines for the Use of SPEC HPG Benchmarks in Research Publications."

Retired Benchmark Suites

SPEC OMP® 2001 Benchmark Suites [Retired]
- OMPM 2001 and OMPL 2001

The benchmark suite for evaluating the performance of OpenMP applications and shared-memory systems. The suite has been retired and no further result submissions are being accepted. The SPEC OMP 2001 benchmark suite has been succeeded by the SPEC OMP® 2012 benchmark suite.

SPEC HPC 2002 Benchmark Suite [Retired]
- SPECchem 2002, SPEC ENV 2002, SPECseis 2002

The benchmark suite for measuring the performance of high-end computing systems running real applications from scientific and technical computing, especially suited for evaluating the performance of parallel computer architectures, including distributed memory computers. The SPEC HPC2002 benchmark suite has been retired; no further result submissions are being accepted and sales of the suite have been discontinued. Information will remain available here for historical purposes.

SPEC HPC 96 Benchmark Suite [Retired]
- SPECchem, SPECclimate®, SPECseis

The benchmark suite has been retired, and was replaced by the SPEC HPC 2002 benchmark suite. Information will remain available here for historical purposes, but further result submissions are not being accepted and sales of the suite have been discontinued.


Conference Presentations, Papers, Tutorials

A consolidated list of publications based on HPG benchmarks.


Joining SPEC/HPG

We welcome your interest in joining SPEC/HPG!

Future Benchmark Development, Call For Participation:

SPEC/HPG has continuing benchmark development efforts underway, and would welcome your participation. If you're a HPC application developer, system supplier, or user, this is your opportunity to help shape the standardized testing of your competitors! Contact SPEC