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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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The 2022 SPEC Contributor Award Winners

The SPEC Contributor Award is given to an individual or team that made significant contributions to bringing a new benchmark, tool, project or event to a successful conclusion.

Technical Contribution
Nishant Rawtani and Luis Mendoza, International Standards Group

In mid-June, the Chinese government communicated that they were developing a regulatory server energy efficiency benchmark named BenchSEE. In order to drive commonality across the different energy efficiency metrics for government usage, the industry needed a quick and detailed review of the benchmark to provide feedback within a very tight deadline, and asked SPEC if it could help. Nishant Rawtani and Luis Mendoza jumped at the challenge and set up eight platforms across three different CPU architectures in order to gain insights into the BenchSEE 1.2.3 benchmark. Working over weekends and overcoming numerous technical issues with BenchSEE, Nishant and Luis collected significant feedback, which was shared with The Green Grid by SPEC's newly formed International Standards Group (ISG) as the foundation of industry feedback to the Chinese government. This work not only helped the industry, but also reignited a collaboration between SPEC and The Green Grid, which is very strategic for SPEC's ISG.

Technical Leadership
SPEChpc 2021 Benchmark Suites Group Award

The SPEChpc 2021 Benchmark Suites are unique in the industry. This is the first such benchmark suites to support many programming models. The benchmark suites will be instrumental for hardware selection for large data computation centers and for the development, test and evaluation of vendors’ compiler infrastructures for years to come. Since its launch, there have already been a large number of requests for the benchmark suites from academic, research institutions and other non-profit organizations. The use of the benchmark suites will shape the direction of research and will solidify SPEC's role as a leading benchmark organization and encourage future participation in SPEC. The following individuals helped select, test, evaluate and improve numerous benchmark candidates to make them suitable to be integrated in the suites:

Technical Leadership
SPECvirt® Datacenter 2021 Group Award

The SPECvirt Datacenter 2021 benchmark is the next generation of virtualization benchmarking for measuring performance of a scaled-out data center. The SPECvirt Datacenter 2021 benchmark is a multi-host benchmark using simulated and real-life workloads to measure the overall efficiency of virtualization solutions and their management environments. The introduction of the SPECvirt® Datacenter 2021 benchmark provides an excellent new tool for industry and research to analyze the performance of virtualized environments. The following individuals helped select, test, evaluate and improve numerous workload candidates, the benchmark harness and documentation to deliver this versatile benchmark: