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SPECmail2009 (RETIRED: October 2011)

08/09/2011: SPECmail2009 will be retired effective October 31, 2011. Technical support and result publication will end as of that date. Please see the retirement notice for details regarding independent result publication.

The SPECmail2009 benchmark measures the ability of corporate e-mail systems to meet today's demanding e-mail users over fast corporate local area networks (LAN). The SPECmail2009 benchmark simulates corporate mail server workloads that range from 250 to 10,000 or more users, using industry standard SMTP and IMAP4 protocols. This e-mail server benchmark creates client workloads based on a 40,000 user corporation, and uses folder and message MIME structures that include both traditional office documents and a variety of rich media content. The benchmark also adds support for encrypted network connections using industry standard SSL v3.0 and TLS 1.0 technology. SPECmail2009 replaces all versions of SPECmail2008, first released in August 2008. The results from the two benchmarks are not comparable. With the availability of SPECmail2009, SPEC has retired the SPECmail2008 benchmark. SPEC will no longer accept SPECmail2008 results.

The current release version of SPECmail2009 is V1.01. This update addresses an existing issue with international date formats, and more robust IMAP4 server interactions. Current SPECmail2009 licensees may request a free upgrade. New result submissions using V1.00 will be accepted until September 30, 2010, but support for v1.00 has ended and all issues should be reproduced using v1.01.


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