SPECvirt ® Datacenter 2021 Credits

SPECvirt Datacenter 2021 is a benchmark to measure the performance of virtualized datacenters. It measures resource provisioning, workload balancing, and overall capacity of each host in a cluster with particular attention to the hypervisor management layer.

Development Team

  • David Schmidt

  • Chris Floyd

  • Lisa Roderick

  • Joseph Kanjirakkattu

  • Pushpa HJ

  • Paula Smith

  • Ramya Meruva

  • Chandan Sharma

  • Lily Shi

Development Support

  • Andy Bond

  • Steve Shaw

  • Nicolas Michael

  • Yashmeet Khopkar

  • Anoop Gupta

  • Steve Realmuto

  • Klaus-Dieter Lange

  • Jocelyn Wang

  • Sumair Kayani

  • Steve Dobbelstein

  • Nitin Ramannavar

  • Augie Mena

  • Gary Hook

  • Irene Liew

Special Thanks

This product is made possible through the generous support of the employers of the volunteers listed above.

HPE, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, Oracle, Red Hat, and VMware

Also, the development team thanks the staff at SPEC headquarters for its administrative support.

Bob Cramblitt, Brigit Valencia, Cathy Sandifer, Dianne Rice, and Jason Glick