Additional SDKs for SPECvirt® Datacenter 2021

The following SDKs have become available for use since the release of SPECvirt Datacenter 2021. You can use these SDKs to generate publicly-publishable results.

February 21, 2023 - VMware-PowerCLI-SDK-for-SPECvirt-Datacenter-2021.tgz

The VMware PowerCLI for SPECvirt Datacenter 2021 is a supplemental SDK for vSphere environments. SPECvirt Datacenter 2021 contains the VMware Perl SDK, and this package enables use of VMware PowerCLI. To install, see the README file inside the archive.

For more information on SDKs, see SPECvirt Datacenter 2021 Run and Reporting Rules Appendix A.

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