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CFP92 Benchmarks

Benchmark Descriptions

The associated description files are those which were submitted to SPEC by the sponsors of the benchmarks -- there may be some minor inconsistencies between these descriptions and the actual benchmark as implemented by SPEC. The source is the ultimate documentation.

CFP92 Rel. 1.1

This suite contains 14 benchmarks performing floating-point computations. 12 of them are written in Fortran, 2 in C. The individual programs are:

  • 013.spice2g6 15Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Simulates analog circuits (double precision).
  • 015.doduc 3Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Performs Monte-Carlo simulation of the time evolution of a thermo-hydraulic model for a nuclear reactor's component (double precision).
  • 034.mdljdp2 4Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Solves motion equations for a model of 500 atoms interacting through the idealized Lennard-Jones potential (double precision).
  • 039.wave5 6Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Solves particle and Maxwell's equations on a Cartesian mesh (single precision).
  • 047.tomcatv 0.1Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Generates two-dimensional, boundary-fitted coordinate systems around general geometric domains (vectorizable, double precision).
  • 048 ora 0.3Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Traces rays through an optical surface containing spherical and planar surfaces (double precision).
  • 052.alvinn 0.2Klines of C code.
    Trains a neural network using back propagation (single precision).
  • 056.ear 3Klines of C code.
    Simulates the human ear by converting a sound file to a cochleogram using Fast Fourier Transforms and other math library functions (single precision).
  • 077.mdljsp2 3Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Similar to 034.mdljdp2, solves motion equations for a model of 500 atoms (single precision).
  • 078.swm256 0.3Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Solves the system of shallow water equations using finite difference approximations (single precision).
  • 089.su2cor 2Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Calculates masses of elementary particles in the framework of the Quark Gluon theory (vectorizable, double precision).
  • 090.hydro2d 2Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Uses hydrodynamical Navier Stokes equations to calculate galactical jets (vectorizable, double precision).
  • 093.nasa7 1Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Executes seven program kernels of operations used frequently in NASA applications, such as Fourier transforms and matrix manipulations (double precision).
  • 094.fpppp 2Klines of FORTRAN code.
    Calculates multi-electron integral derivatives (double precision).