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SPEC CINT92 Benchmarks

Benchmark Descriptions

The associated description files are those which were submitted to SPEC by the sponsors of the benchmarks -- there may be some minor inconsistencies between these descriptions and the actual benchmark as implemented by SPEC. The source is the ultimate documentation.

CINT92 Rel. 1.1

This suite contains 6 benchmarks performing integer computations, all of them are written in C. The individual programs are:

  • 008.espresso 11K lines of C code.
    Generates and optimizes Programmable Logic Arrays.
  • 5K lines of C code.
    Uses a LISP interpreter to solve the nine queens problem, using a recursive backtracking algorithm.
  • 023.eqntott 2.5K lines of C code.
    Translates a logical representation of a Boolean equation to a truth table.
  • 026.compress 1K lines of C code.
    Reduces the size of input files by using Lempel-Ziv coding.
  • 7K lines of C code.
    Calculates budgets, SPEC metrics and amortization schedules in a spreadsheet based on the UNIX cursor-controlled package "curses".
  • 085.gcc 58K lines of C code.
    Translates preprocessed C source files into optimized Sun-3 assembly language output.